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 New Zealand has it all! From scenic lakes to magnificent mountains to adventurous capital of the world. Nature and adventure are found in abundance in New Zealand so much so that it can be said that New Zealand is a must visit country.

Often, the main concern for travelers is money. Flight tickets and higher currency exchange value easily eliminate New Zealand off a Malaysians/Singaporeans bucket list. Well, we are here to show you how our fellow contributor, Janice traveled New Zealand for 12 days with two of her friends for less than SGD1500 (≈RM4500)!

If you haven't read the previous day, you can do so here: Day 6 [ Everest Base Camp ] Acclimatization Day at Dingboche Two days away. We are two days away from Everest Base Camp. After 6 days of continuous hiking, we are barely 48 hours away from our destination. We woke up to a blanket of snow outside our room in Dingboche. The temperature was low and waking up was not easy. Honestly, sleeping in seems like such a treat but no, the trek has to be covered and the destination has to be reached.

If you haven't read on our Day 4 adventure, here's the link: Day 4 [Everest Base Camp] - Namche Bazaar to Tengboche It was 6.30am in the morning. I can hear Deepak knocking on the door. "Mike, are you feeling better?" Yes, I feel much better now. I didn't lie. That was the truth. Despite waking up a few times last night, I felt energetic this morning. The fatigue I had the day before is gone. And I actually felt, hungry. The morning was still cold from the snow fall last night and we did our usual routine of packing up and heading down for breakfast.

I bet you have no idea that currently, there are more than 800,000 Malaysians which have been blacklisted from leaving the country. This could be due to a lot of reasons: outstanding student loan, outstanding tax repayment, outstanding warrant. Now the last thing you want is to happily reach the airport with your luggage bag and be told that you are NOT ALLOWED to leave the country. Better be safe than sorry. Always remember to check your blacklist status before your travel!

If you missed out on Day 3, you can read it here: Day 3 - Acclimatization Day At Namche Bazaar
"Do you want to give up and turn back?" Jacqueline asked while I tried to force down the Sherpa Stew served in front of me. I kept quiet, trying to hold back tears of regret that are welling up in my eyes. Exactly 12 hours ago, we woke up to a temperature of about 4°C and started packing our bags as usual. It's the normal routine that will repeat for a couple more days. Wake up, pack, head down for breakfast and head out. During breakfast, you would request your guide to fill up the water bottle or water bladder, which he will happily oblige and return with a bag full of water. You will then drop in a purification tablet and let it settle for an hour before drinking the water. This is done to prevent diarrhea and other stomach related complications. And neglecting that was a costly mistake that I did on day 4.

Just like beautiful places and unique buildings, creepy cities, and abandoned hoods arouse the curiosity of travellers all over the world. There are many places which have been totally abandoned and neglected.  Over the years, an aura of creepiness envelopes these places and can give you chills right down to your bone.  Feel your hackles rising? Read on to know more about 7 creepy abandoned cities. (Don't read this before you sleep)

If you missed out on Day 2, you can read it here: Day 2 - Phakding to Namche Bazaar
The sleep last night at Namche Bazaar was a blessing. Our room was considerably warm although Deepak told us it was really windy outside at night. I guess the heavy duty sleeping bag that was given to us by Nepal Hiking Team played it's role well. It's day 3 of our Everest Base Camp trek. We started our day slightly later than usual, waking up at 7am and took our breakfast at 7.30am. We didn't have to pack our stuff since we are going to stay another night at the same teahouse. Today is our first acclimatization day during the trek. What happens is that we will trek to

If you missed out on day 1, you can read it here: Everest Base Camp [ Day 1 ] - Lukla to Phakding ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was day two of our Everest Base Camp hike with Nepal Hiking Team. We woke up at around 6.30am to a temperature of about 10°C. Shortly after cleaning up and packing our stuff into the duffle bag, we moved down to the dining hall for our breakfast before moving out. Deepak was already waiting for us as the dining hall while enjoying a cup of ginger tea. "Are you ready for today? Any headaches or pain? No? Good!" Those are the questions that he will ask us every morning for the next couple days of our hike.

Our plane landed safely on the runway of Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla at approximately 10am, signalling the start of our Everest Base Camp trek. The 40 minutes plane ride from Kathmandu was one of the most amazing but at the same time scary experience for us. Flying in a 12-men STOL  (short takeoff and landing) plane from a local company called Sita Air, our plane caught turbulence

Choosing an accommodation is deemed as an essential thing that needs to be settled off first thing in hand upon arrival or even before we start off our journey. What more can you ask, after coming back after a long day of sightseeing, you should have...

Flight tickets are a big portion of your travel budget. In fact, whenever you ask someone why they are not visiting a country, usually "expensive flight ticket" would be the reason. Seriously, don't let the price of flight ticket stop you. Read on as we unveil a secret hack that a handful of travelers use to buy cheap flight tickets every single time! Yes, I repeat, cheap flight tickets every single time!

Omah Kecebong, Yogyakarta - My Wonderful Homestay Experience

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="729"]omah kecebong sign Omah Kecebong - Guest House & Hortikultura[/caption] When I clicked the "book now" button and did my payment for two nights at Omah Kecebong in Agoda, I was expecting a homestay experience in an outskirt area of Yogyakarta surrounded by paddy fields and a beautiful sunset. What I got instead, was ten-folds more than what I expected and I could easily say that this place is definitely a bang for your buck!

Exploring Candi Borobudur - A Backpackers Guide

Here's a few interesting fact to start off with. Did you know that Candi Borobudur is the world's LARGEST Buddhist Temple? Also, did you know that there was a civilization there previously which in a way mysteriously disappeared from Candi Borobudur? Did you also know that the temple actually dates back to the 9th century, which is older than Angkor Wat itself? If you find all these interesting, read on!

My Review on The Wayang Homestay, Yogyakarta

When I travel solo, one of my preference every now and then is towards getting close to the locals. That means, staying where the locals does and seeing how their daily lives is. Located 15 minutes drive away from Malioboro, The Wayang Homestay offers guests a very local experience considering the fact that the homestay is actually in a village by itself! Even the reviews gave me a good impression of the place before I placed my booking! They received the Certificate of Excellence 2015 from TripAdvisor and their Agoda ranking is really high!

My summit attempt at Mount Merapi, the active volcano of Yogyakarta

Hiking the great Mount Merapi was one of the highlight of my trip. Being a huge hiking fan, I was very excited about my attempt to reach the summit of Mount Merapi. Standing at 2930m above sea level, Mount Merapi is an active volcano and the last explosion recorded was during 2010 which caused quite a number of casualty. Since then, it has been a go to hike for a lot of hikers seeking to enjoy the unforgettable view from the summit of Merapi.

A visit to Gunung Nglanggeran, the Ancient Volcano of Yogyakarta

As I have mentioned previously in my post, WakeUp Homestay does this really nice thing every Saturday, which is they will bring their guests for free to off the beaten path destinations in Yogyakarta (either the beach or the mountains). All the guests have to do is pay for their own entrance fee at the destination (usually around IDR7,000 to IDR15,000) and they do this to fortify the bonding between the guests and the hostel. I decided to join them since it sounded like a lot of fun and our destination for that Saturday is Gunung Kidul area, particularly Gunung Nglanggeran which is also known as Gunung Api Purba (Ancient Volcano).

Bhumi Hostel Yogyakarta : Not Just A Hostel, But A Home

My first stay in Yogyakarta was in Bhumi Hostel, a homey hostel started by two young individuals who refused the corporate life and decided to start something that they are actually passionate about: creating a home away from home for travelers in Yogyakarta. My flight was a bit delayed and it was getting dark but I was surprised at how easy and cheap it is to get to the hostel by bus! I took the Trans-Yogya bus 3B (which costs IDR3600) and it took me directly 100m away from Bhumi Hostel. When you get on the bus,

My Review on Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta

As a bagpackers, I choose hostels most of the time, for obvious reasons: It's cheaper and you get to meet more people! Hotels are a bit too "cold" for me but I do get my fix every now and then. Not going to be an extremist there. During my trip in Yogyakarta, one of the place I stayed in was Wake Up Homestay Yogyakarta, a beautiful hostel catered for backpackers that is located 5 minutes away from the main street of Malioboro. Fully air conditioned upon entering, the place gives you a really comfortable feeling the moment you goes through their door. It's no surprise why their ratings on Agoda are exceptionally high.