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12 days in New Zealand for less than SGD1500? This girl shows you that it’s possible!



 New Zealand has it all! From scenic lakes to magnificent mountains to adventurous capital of the world. Nature and adventure are found in abundance in New Zealand so much so that it can be said that New Zealand is a must visit country.

Often, the main concern for travelers is money. Flight tickets and higher currency exchange value easily eliminate New Zealand off a Malaysians/Singaporeans bucket list. Well, we are here to show you how our fellow contributor, Janice traveled New Zealand for 12 days with two of her friends for less than SGD1500 (≈RM4500)!

Yes, we hear you. And no, you do not need a five figure budget to go to New Zealand. In fact, you can do it well under SGD1500 (RM4500)!

Janice and her friends stayed in New Zealand for 12 days and explored the South Island by rented car and camper van. They places they stayed include Christchurch, Franz Josef, Queenstown, Te Anau, and Lake Tekapo. The experience? Breath-taking literally!

So how did she do it? Worry not, we got your covered. We had her SPILL out her whole trip and this is one article that you want to share out to all your buddies out there.



Air Asia KL – MEL- KL: $300 (≈RM900) (bought 11 months prior traveling date)             
Jetstar Airline MEL – CHC – MEL: $350 (≈RM1050) (bought 5 months prior traveling date)


Prior to Air Asia’s direct flight to Auckland, travelers used to transit in Melbourne before proceeding to Christchurch. With Air Asia promotions, you can grab a good deal with the flights. Travel tip: Use websites such as Sky Scanner where you can easily view the best flight deals.

There is a secret hack that travelers use to get cheap ticket, you can read about it here:
The one secret hack that travelers use to get cheap ticket

Transportation around New Zealand

Cost breakdown: Yaris Rental (4 days): $140 approx. (≈Rm420)                                               
Campervan Rental (5 days): $280 approx. (≈RM840)

Car rentals and campervan rentals are highly convenient in New Zealand. New Zealand offers the best of nature along the driveway and driving cars or campervans means you can stop wherever you want and whenever you want to enjoy amazing sceneries.

YTT: So you drove around a car for 4 days and campervan for 5 days? How did it go actually? You pick up the Yaris from one point and just drop it off at another point? And then you pick you a campervan and drop it off at another point again?

Janice: Yup, pick up YARIS at Christchurch Airport and we drove all the way to Queenstown Airport & picked up our campervan from Queenstown Airport. 


Cost breakdown:  Motel (4days): $200 approx. (≈RM600)                                                                         
Campsite (6 days): $180 approx. (≈RM540)

It is to be noted that cheap motels and hostels in New Zealand provide you with a bathroom, a queen bed, 2-3 single beds, kitchen and heater. A good search in the Internet will yield great deals which do not compromise comfort.

YTT: Did you bring your own tent there or did you just sleep in the campervan?

Janice: We slept in the van itself. Inside the van there’s  2 queen bed. Hence, whenever we wanna sleep just unfold the mattress. And for the campsite, there’s 2 types of camping ground: Unpowered & Powered. Usually, we will go  for the powered ones because we need electricity for the heater.


Cooking your own food can save you a huge amount of money. Often, the kitchen and campervan comes with sink and stove as well as cutleries and kitchenware. Stock up the ingredients at the supermarket and you are good to go!

Overall details:

Grand Total: $1450   

No. of People Traveling: 3
Favorite Place to stay: Lake Wanaka, Queenstown
Least Favorite Place to Stay: Te Anau

YTT: What are some travel tips that you would like to give our readers here?

Janice: Well, here’s some that might help, if you even call them travel tips:

  1. Choosing motels and budget hostels over luxury stay can help you cut cost greatly.
  2. Also, preparing a budget and sticking with the budget will help you to keep track on your spending. There are a lot of apps available for this purpose. Each time you fork out money, all you need to do is key in the amount in the app.
  3. Research well to grab the best deals when it comes to accommodation and flight tickets.
  4. Always choose to cook instead of eating out.
  5. Don’t worry about laundry, there is coin operated laundries everywhere you go. All you gotta do is just buy the soap powder from the supermarket.

So yeah, Janice is not rich. Janice chose to expand her comfort zone while traveling and experiencing different culture.



PEOPLE! If you want to follow more of Janice’s adventure and ask her for more  tips, follow her insta at: Two2Waltz (caution, the pictures takes your heart away!)


Mike Chu

Mike has an adventure addiction syndrome, where he can't go on too long without his dose of new adventure, both big and small. Currently residing in Malaysia which he claims to be one of the best place to be in the world. Oh, and he loves animals.

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